Dear Colleagues,

Limited training facilities in gynecological endoscopic surgery, inability to provide standardization in special training program, and rapid improvements in technology made post-specialty education very important.

Additionally, with virtual reality technologies entering into application area of education of surgery, gynecological endoscopy training gained a new aspect, and unlike traineeship model, it became possible to assess the surgical skills objectively.

Our Department had significant roles in endoscopic surgery training with a number of training organizations arranged so far. Virtual reality technology for gynecological endoscopy training was also applied first in our Department across the country.

A significant deficiency of gynecological endoscopy training in our country is that an appropriate and adequate endoscopy training model or program could not be introduced. The infrastructure of endoscopy training in our clinic has finally been completed after long years of work, and a 1-month post-specialty training model has been formed.

For this training model, a theoretical training, training with dummies and simulators, one-to-one surgical training in operation room, and a final certification are planned. Our training program shall be available in 3 periods a year, beginning with the first one in February 2008, and participation to each program is limited with 5 trainees.

With the principal that endoscopic surgery is a team work, similar training programs for nurses are also prepared within the same periods and terms. Number of nurses is limited with 5 for each training period.

We invite everyone willing to be trained in this area, and that is interested in endoscopic surgery, to join our training program.

Kind regards,

Onur Bilgin M.D., Professor
Charmain of Ege University, Department of
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Fatih Sendag, M.D., Assoc. Professor
Director of Gynecological Endoscopy
Training Programme

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